SANTA CRUZ/BIG SUR 7.31-8.2.15

We left later then we wanted to Friday night, so rather than push on to Big Sur, we stopped and slept in Santa Cruz. We have lived up north now for 11-years and have only driven by the Santa Cruz boardwalk once. This visit was a whole new experience for us. We love discovering someplace new.

SC is your typical "beach town," which we love, the overcast morning...perfect for a run, the sleepy morning stroll through downtown with your cup of coffee, the chill in the air before the warm sun burns through...

My point being, it's a great place to visit on the weekends.

After our morning spent in SC, we headed south to Big Sur for rest and relaxation, and a little hiking, amongst the redwoods.

Now, here's a little tip if you are visiting in a self-contained can camp overnight (once) for the same price as the campers ($35) without a reservation. The catch is that you cannot use their facilities. The park rangers are emphatic about this. However, everyone, even the biggest, fanciest RV uses the bathrooms. So, for those fellow camper van owners, lie, say your are fully self-contained and camp in the Big Sur SP Campground in day use area 4! Oh and there are showers in the campground; one dollar for a 3.5 minute token. And just try to ignore the sass that come along with the experience. There is nothing like opening the back door and sleeping with the fresh air...but I digress.

On our way home, we stopped at Andrew Molera SP (another new discovery for us) for a little morning hike. Of course, if you don't want to walk you can always take the trail out to the beach on horseback which includes a little humorous history talk as well.

All-in-all, it was a good relaxing weekend. We will be going through wthdrawls while Herman (the German), yes, that's it's official name, will be getting his transmission rebuilt before our trip to Yellowstone in September...we are sooooo excited for this one! So until then...

Oh, I almost forgot, we picked up some "new to us" seats for the purchase ever. No more springs in our backs, and having arm rests...we are spoiled!