Keri and Steve have been married for almost 20-years. Our lives began in southern California, but work moved us up to northern California over a decade ago. We love to bike, hike, camp, and kayak; pretty much anything outdoors together...sometimes with our goofy yet lovable lab Cooper. 

"The Westy Life" is something special to both of us and we would like to share it with you. We found our lives being dictated to us on so many levels. The pressures of daily life tend to squeeze us and weigh us down, except when you find that one special thing that takes all that weight off your shoulders, relents the pressure of your existence. That special thing for us is living life in our westy. We aren't better people, but we are better versions of ourselves on the road experiencing new things, new places, and new adventures. We are both in our comfort zone, yet pushing our boundaries. The westy life is those couple of days each week or each month when we can catch our breath, smell the pine trees, and extract ourselves from the daily grind.

Whether we are guerrilla camping behind a warehouse in a beach town, fixing something in a random parking lot, or listening to the waves crash on the beach feet away from where we've parked - we're living it and it's all because of the freedom we've found in our 1984 VW westfalia. Here we will document our travels, our mishaps, and our unexpected finds with you. We literally can't wait for the next trip.

So, until then...