Over the Valentine's/President's weekend, we decided to head down south to the street fair in San Luis Obispo on Thursday nights (rain or shine)...something we haven't done in over ten plus years. Of course since we were down that way, we also spent a couple of days in Santa Barbara, one of Steve's favorite cities. And unlike here in the Sacramento valley or anywhere else in the country for that matter, the weather was gorgeous, low 80's. This is why people can't get enough of the California sun, lifestyle, or beaches.

When we guerilla camp, looking for someplace where we won't be bothered over night or bother those who live in that town, we never know until the next morning sometimes where or what we wake up too. One morning in Morro Bay we woke up to the sun rising on Morro rock just outside the driver side window...not a bad way to wake up. And it turns out just down the road was Morro Bay State Park which happens to have a serene and quiet spot for breakfast amongst the vast openess of the wildlife preserve. Nothing but open space and birds makes me quite happy. And the state park was definitely a great find, someplace we'll have to book next time.

We had a brief lunch one day in Solvang, a breakfast in Monterey, a shower in Ventura, and a small hike up Mt. Diablo. All in all, not a bad way to spend a long holiday weekend.

Until next time...