We’ve been to Ocean Cove before, (just north of Jenner, CA and about two hours south of Fort Bragg, CA) but not in the westy. It’s a great place to take the dog and as a first-come first-serve campsite in a location not many people know about or stop at, (that is way over-priced as of late for the amenities) you can almost guarantee a spot…which is nice.

Though we had tent camped here before and had been to Fort Bragg, neither of us had been to Glass Beach. Sadly, what a let down. I think in the early days, before greedy hands came into play, this was probably a really pretty beach. Now, however, with new construction being built and everyone taking too much glass home as souvenirs, it’s just another coastal beach. While we are glad we checked it off our “to do” list, I would like to say to all those beachcombers who have pretty glass in a jar in their family rooms, I hope you enjoy looking at it, because nobody else can.

Still, if you’re taking a road trip along the California coast, heading up north, keep Ocean Cove in mind. It is a nice place to fish (has a gutting station close enough for ease but not close enough to smell), and really is a nice place to camp overnight or for the weekend for great views and quiet serenity. We both felt refreshed on Monday.