MONTEREY 8.1-3.14


This is our second time in Monterey since we purchased this westy; this time in search of whales. Unfortunately, we did not see any whales meaning we will be returning. And once we teach Cooper how to kayak with us, kayaking and cycling will be on our agenda next time as well.

On this trip, for the very first time, we cooked dinner in the westy…burritos. Super tasty and super easy except for the clean up, which we’re still learning how to do and in fact I hate doing. Perhaps someone could make disposable cooking pots, I would be very appreciative.

While we did guerrilla camp again at the Walmart in Marin Friday night and in an apartment complex back parking lot Saturday, it is a constant lesson. We discovered that the bathrooms near the golf course has “no overnight camping sign” and if you head south a bit towards Big Sur, neither does the dirt road along highway 1. And the market parking lot near the marina in Monterey apparently has a tow away policy after 72-hours. The lesson we came away with here is that we may need to just grow a pair and try out a few “camp sights” to find out which ones we can get away with and which ones we get asked to leave in the middle of the night. Our next trip out will be in the market parking lot, its a great place to ride from first thing in the morning.

It was also discovered on this trip that the showers in Veteran’s Memorial Park are two-dollars per person and not free as we had originally thought. Turns out we should’ve paid that last time…oops. And while the camp spots are first-come, first-serve, they are $30 per night. Thank you kind ranger for the helpful information.

*TIP: you need to get to those first-come, first-serve spots before 11 a.m.

Until next time…