A couple of years ago, my husband and I started talking about a westy as another option to camping. Avid campers that we are, bins and bikes in the back, kayaks on top, we thought about how great it would be to just be able to pull away from our home on Friday’s and go wherever we wanted - home on Sunday.

A year ago, we rented a westy out of the bay area and drove it to Monterey and Big Sur…we were in lust with this lifestyle. So, we dreamed, we saved, and a couple of weeks ago, we bought a “new to us” 1984 Westfalia. Sure it didn’t come complete with our wishlist, but the whole purpose of buying a westy was for the lifestyle not the comforts of home. We bought lower than our budget which is great cuz it needs a little TLC on the outside. We thought about calling it “RAE” which stands for “rough around (the) edges.” It has a brand new engine, all original fabric in good condition, but we needed to replace the bumpers, the side and rearview mirrors, a turn signal, add original wheels and stickers, a new skylight, and it is in desperate need of a paint job, but since we have already fixed a handful of those items, it’s great AND WE ARE ALREADY HAVING A BLAST! We took it out to Tahoe the first night we got it as is evident in the second photo complete with bed-head.

During the course of this adventure, we will be sharing where we go, the adventures along the way (some good, some embarrassing), tips and tricks, and even a camp recipe or two. With trips and ideas already planned and thought of, we are looking forward to where this new road takes us. We hope you too enjoy the ride